Souls-Mates: The City of the Gods

The saga of my Dark Souls co-op adventure with the girlfriend continues. I’m wishing I’d started this whole series earlier in our game. So, here is a little recap. A bit drab, but nice for context. The Adventure Thus Far (Spoilers) She chose Knight, I chose Wanderer After exiting the Undead Asylum, we each soloed the […]

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The Witcher – 3.5/5

Aside Here I’m digging up an old post I wrote a while back that only needed some proofreading. It uses an older review format that I was toying with at the time. I’m still not sure what review format I’d like to use. The main thing with reviews is they should be helpful, so any […]

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Right now, I’m playing Dark Souls 1 with the girlfriend. Hoping to actually make it through the whole game this time. Despite not really being intended for dedicated co-op with a friend (rather it was doggedly designed to be co-op/PvP only with strangers), I honestly feel that Dark Souls is perhaps my favorite co-op game. […]

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Kingdom: Nothing Lasts – 4/5

Lately, I’m accomplishing my goal of trying at least one new game per week. So much so that it is almost becoming a habit. It is amazing how many great games I’ve been missing out on just because I hesitated to click ‘Play.’ Kingdom is one of those games. It has just been sitting in […]

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Discovery – March 2018

So Many Games, So Little Time I don’t have my finger on the pulse of the gaming industry as much as I used to since real life has seen fit to get in the way of that (not a bad thing). I pride myself on being a connoisseur of gaming (at least of my own […]

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